Jesse writes science and speculative fiction from his residential plant museum in northern California.

Everyone hates what they write at some point. The trick is to convince yourself that this is perfectly normal.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, or a painter, or a sketch artist, or even a game designer. A fundamental truth about being a creative person is that at some point you will, 100% guaranteed, look at something you’re creating and hate it.

Here’s something I frequently see in…

From UC Berkeley’s slideshow, showcasing their commitment to parent students.

In a 2013 report for the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, Nelson, Froehner, and Gault (2013) reported the following about college students in the United States: approximately 25% have at least one dependent child; for both low-income and first-generation students, that percentage jumps up to nearly 33%; of those with…

I’m actually getting the dishes done, the floors cleaned, and putting in more miles, thanks to the resurgence of audio dramas as accessible and fun entertainment.

My go-to running buddy is the NPR One app on my smartphone. I really enjoy long, slow runs with the folks from Hidden Brain…

Jesse Lawson

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