Jesse writes science and speculative fiction from his residential plant museum in northern California.


  • Jessica Franzino

    Jessica Franzino

    Brooklyn-based author, mythologist, classicist, & bibliophile. DEBUT NOVEL (wip): “Glaukopis”.

  • Adios Barbie

    Adios Barbie

    The web's first intersectional feminist site redefining beauty and power.

  • PublikunCzar®


    America's Supreme Leader

  • Dave Ackerman

    Dave Ackerman

    Engineer at @ModusCreate. Writes about mainly code, dogs, and nothing.

  • Supriya Kalghatgi

    Supriya Kalghatgi

  • Lynette Benton

    Lynette Benton

  • Steve Klubertanz

    Steve Klubertanz

    Casual observations of the world around me. Trying to make my mark in the world, bit by bit.

  • MiseryXchord


    i am a very pretty hate machine. artist | illustrator | blogger | photographer (not a terrorist)

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